Black Mini Zero Gravity Massage Chair
24/7 Personalized Massage in the Comfort of Your Home The Black Mini Massage Zero Gravity Recliner Chair is intelligently designed to tailor the massage experience to your body. This chair is packed with features including heat therapy and a built in Bluetooth...
$ 1,899.00 CAD
Atmosphere Zero Gravity Massage Recliner Chair
The operation of Atmosphere Zero Gravity Massage Recliner Chair is controlled by a microcomputer that performs various intelligent methods and combinations, like Kneading, Tapping, Clapping, Shiatsu, Rolling, Vibration and Air Massage. All these methods massage acupressure points accurately to effectively...
$ 3,975.00 CAD
3D Massage Chair Pad With Heat & Air Compression
The 3D Massage Chair Pad With Heat & Air Compression turns any chair into a deluxe, cutting-edge massage device for the neck, back, and hips. Rolling nodes travel up and down both sides of spine. Adjustable height and width. Deep...
$ 499.00 CAD
Rocking Massage Chair
The Rocking Massage Chair with ergonomic design, wooden oak frame, high-frequency vibration motor, massages the neck, back, waist and hips. Featuring: full back, upper back, lower back, vibration, neck, kneading, tapping and spot massage. Also, an optional heat option. Product...
$ 549.00 CAD
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