Kinesio Tex Tape Water Resistant
$ 28.00 CAD
Kinesio Tex Tape Water Resistant
Kinesio Taping The Kinesio Taping Method is a definitive rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body's natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body's range of motion as well...
$ 28.00 CAD
Tape Leukotape K Beige
Kinesio Taping Leukotape® K is a thin elastic adhesive tape intended to help in soothing the sensation of pain and stimulating mechanoreceptors in the skin, increasing neuro-proprioceptive activity. It can also be used for encouraging lymph drainage. Indications Soothing sensation...
$ 32.00 CAD
Tape Athletic Trainers Jaybird
Athletic Tape Jaybird One Tape is strongest everyday strapping tape product. It is manufactured using a higher thread count fabric which results in greater tensile strength. Jaybird® One is coated with our exclusive synthetic rubber adhesive formula which is Latex...
$ 7.00 CAD
Foam Underwrap Natural
Foam Underwrap Jaybird Underwrap is a thin foam substrate that is strong and highly porous. Used under adhesive sports medicine tapes for comfort and painless tape removal. Features & Benefits Polyurethane foam Size: 7 cm x 27.4 m (2.75" x...
$ 3.99 CAD
Cover Roll Hypafix
The stretch and conformability of Hypafix® allow the patient greater freedom of movement. Wide-area fixation of the wound dressing reduces the risk of contamination. Hypafix® is perfect for the retention of post-operative wound dressings as it a non-woven stretchable fabric that...
$ 9.95 CAD
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Cover Roll Stretch Tape
Cover-Roll® Stretch Tape designed for situations and procedures where a slight amount of gentle compression to the wound area is needed. Features & Benefits Hypoallergenic, breathable, self-adhesive, cross elastic and radio-translucent non-woven bandage Easy to apply and remove Latex-free Size:...
$ 20.00 CAD
Tape Leukotape P
Kinesio Taping Leukotape® P is a high strength, rigid strapping tape, with a strong, zinc oxide adhesive. It is porous and hand-tearable, yet offers extra strong support for sprains and strains. Ideal for patellofemoral taping. Use Cover-Roll under Leukotape to...
$ 16.00 CAD
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