Blood Pressure Cuff (Sphygmomanometer)
A precision crafted Blood Pressure Cuff (Sphygmomanometer) for adults, with calibrated cuff and certified gauge. Product Features Professional Blood Pressure Cuff  For hospital, home, office, school and travel use. Easy read dial. Latex-free inflation system. Includes: carrying case.
$ 32.00 CAD
Dual Head Stethoscope
Professional Dual-Head Stethoscope with lightweight chestpiece, excellent sound transmission and latex free . Product Features Lightweight chestpiece Excellent sound transmission Latex free
$ 15.00 CAD
Taylor Reflex Hammer
Taylor Percussion Reflex Hammer with solid rubber head and chrome plated brass handle.  Product Features Solid rubber head Chrome plated brass handle Size: 8" 20 cm  
$ 5.00 CAD
Deluxe Vinyl Tape Measure
The deluxe Vinyl Tape measure has a push button and auto rewind, measuring 60 inches / 150 cm.. Product Features Vinyl tape measure Size: 60 inches / 150 cm. Push Button auto rewind. For hospital, home, office, school and travel...
$ 7.00 CAD
Goniometer (360° Degree Head)
$ 29.00 CAD
Goniometer (360° Degree Head)
Plastic Goniometer permits observation of joint's axis of motion, and its range of motion. The 360° head has three scales calibrated to be used with the ISOM (International Standards of Measurement, STFR) system. Arm has a linear scale in inches...
$ 29.00 CAD
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Chiropractic Adjustment Tool
The Chiropractic Adjustment Tool is designed for great reliability and durability. The Original CAT’s precision components provide smooth, easy operation and are compatible with the established protocols you are currently using. This device can be adjusted from 20 to 45...
$ 380.00 CAD
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