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Chattanooga Hydrocollator E-2 Heating Unit (Insulated)

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$ 1,085.00 CAD
SKU L2155

Chattanooga Hydrocollator System Model: E-2 heating unit is durable and easy to maintain, these high quality stainless steel units have an almost indefinite life and ensure a constant supply of temperature consistent HotPacs.

Product Features

  • Tank capacity: 43 L
  • Temperature Range 71°-74°C
  • Thermal Cut-Out Temp 82°-85°C
  • Accuracy 10%
  • Heat up Time (to 70°C) 2 hours
  • Cool Down Time (from 70°C) 1 hour
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • No plumbing required
  • Thermostatically controlled temperature
  • Includes: 3 x Standard 25cm x 30cm, 2 x Oversized 38cm x 60cm, 1 Neck Contour 61cm HotPacs
  • Dimensions: 38cm x 33cm x 51cm)
  • Product weight: 29lbs

Cleaning Instructions

Clean every two weeks using a spray bottle. Fill spray bottle with half vinegar and half water. Wipe down with towel. Unplug unit. While being cleaned put hotpacks in ziploc bag in freezer.