bodyCushion Pregnancy System with Elevator
The bodyCushion Pregnancy System with Elevator is the most advanced prenatal orthopaedic positioning device in the world. It offers safe, restful relief throughout Pregnancy. The Elevator attaches to the bodyCushion side handles with hook and loop straps, providing reliable support....
$ 1,250.00 CAD
bodyCushion 3-Piece Original
The bodyCushion 3-Piece Original supports your body by its bony frame, allowing the body to rest facedown, faceup, side lying or seated without pressure on sensitive soft tissue areas. In addition to providing superior support and comfort. The bodyCushion 3-Peice...
$ 800.00 CAD
Relaxus 4-Piece Pregnancy Support Cushion With Split Leg Support
The Relaxus 4-Piece Pregnancy support cushion and headrest is a cost-effective solution made from durable materials that provide superior comfort and support during face down pregnancy massage treatments. Adjustable face rest and crescent cushion. Split leg support offers massage therapists...
$ 425.00 CAD $ 235.00 CAD
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Earthlite Pregnancy & Prone Cushion with Headrest
The Pregnancy & Prone Cushion is a support cushion for any stage of pregnancy and anyone who can’t lie comfortably on their stomach. Also, suitable for clients who have recently had breast surgery or suffer from lower back problems. Perfect...
$ 450.00 CAD
bodyCushion 1-Piece Leg Support
The bodyCushion 1-Piece Leg Support can be used under the ankles in the prone position, under the knees in the supine position, and between the knees and shins when side-lying to reduce tension and stress in the low back. Can...
$ 178.00 CAD
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bodyCushion Adjusters (Set of 5)
The bodyCushion adjusters Increase lumbar spine decompression, adjust flexion for the neck, and work with late third term pregnancy in prone with the Adjusters Adjuster (set of 5) : 2 Large Wedges elevate the pelvis to decompress the spine, allow...
$ 215.00 CAD
bodyCushion Adjuster Caddy Set
The bodyCushion Adjuster Caddy Set includes various small positioning bolsters and wedges to help position comfortably and adjust the bodyCushion for larger framed patients and provide proper support for positioning pregnant women to face down as they advance their pregnancy,...
$ 525.00 CAD
bodyCushion 3-Piece Bag
The bodyCushion 3-Piece bag is lightweight and spacious and makes it easy for on-the-go therapists to travel with the 3-Piece bodyCushion. 
$ 110.00 CAD
bodyCushion 4-Piece Bag
The bodyCushion 4-Piece bag is lightweight and spacious and makes it easy for on-the-go therapists to travel with the 3-Piece bodyCushion. 
$ 135.00 CAD
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bodyCushion Headrest Base & Cushion
The bodyCushion Headrest Base & Cushion allows the body to rest facedown and face up. Made from advanced materials including durable, supple vinyl that's protected by a 3-year warranty. The foam is covered by a lifetime warranty, guaranteed to never...
$ 135.00 CAD
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