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Over-Door Cervical Traction Set
Cervical traction can be an effective treatment for neck pain and associate neck conditions when used under the direction of an authorized healthcare professional. The portable over-the-door traction set provides affordable, easy-to-use cervical traction therapy in the convenience of your...
$ 42.00 CAD
Chiro Pro Neck Support
The Chiro Pro Neck Support with firm polyurethane form, ergonomic design, and built-in acupressure nodules gently and naturally stretch the neck, back and shoulders. It reduces pressure and allows the muscles to relax. Targets neck, shoulder, and jaw tension. Product...
$ 30.00 CAD
Cervical Traction Collar
When cervical vertebrae (neck bones) interfere with nerves, the symptoms or pain can negatively affect your day to day life. The cervical traction collar offers a home therapy solution that can provide relief for many painful conditions. Product Features Adjustable traction...
$ 42.00 CAD
Cervipedic Neck-Relief M2
The CerviPedic Neck-Relief is a cervical support that can be used at home to help reinforce the natural curve of the cervical spine. The contoured shape aligns and gently stretches the neck as the body starts to relax thereby relieving tension...
$ 120.00 CAD
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Apex Cervical Orthosis
The Apex Cervical Orthosis is an inexpensive, effective tool to assist the Health Care Professional in restoring a patient’s proper cervical posture. The Apex counters forward posture to help restore the proper cervical lordosis when used daily under the supervision...
$ 32.00 CAD
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