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Lifetimer Chiropractic Elevation Table LT-ME3 (Base Model Only)

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$ 5,025.00 CAD

The Lifetimer Chiropractic Elevation Table LT-ME3 is unsurpassed in speed while remaining light-weight, sleek, ergonomically sound and exceedingly table. The LT-ME3 is designed to function primarily as a chiropractic table, but it can also  accommodate massage therapists and acupuncturists alike

Product Features & Specifcation

  • The elevation feature is controlled by one foot and one hand for your convenience.

  • The hand control has 3 easily programmable position settings.

  • The top cushions can be interchanged with several optional cushions like the massage cushion, breast cushion, or pregnancy cushion.

  • With the massage cushion option, the LT- ME3 can instantly convert between a chiropractic and massage table which is useful for small clinics with various practitioners.

  • Optional modular thoracic drops and pelvic drops are available for added treatment modalities. An optional elevation headpiece feature permits 4″ of elevation while maintaining the flexion/extension function.

  • Also featured with the LT-ME3 is the quick touch adjustable headpiece, ergonomic arm rest, and the standard face paper dispenser with face paper to ensure hygiene for your patients.

  • The polyvinyl table surface is washable and makes for easy cleaning.

  • Specifications: 70″ (178 cm) long x 21″ (53 cm) wide.

  • Height options: 18″ (46cm) to 26″ (66cm) and 22.5″ (57.2 cm) to 34.5″ (87.6 cm)

  • Weight: approx. 100 lbs. (46 kg).

  • Made in the USA