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Hill Laboratories Deluxe AFT Automatic Flexion Chiropractic Table with Complete Set of Auto Air Drops (Base Model Only)

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$ 9,418.00 CAD

The Hill Laboratories Deluxe AFT Automatic Flexion Chiropractic Table with Complete Set of Auto Air Drops is perfect for doctors who want full-featured automatic flexion and complete air drop table without the need for manual flexion (for manual, see Hill Air-Flex). The Deluxe AFT is one of our most versatile models featuring variable speed flexion, electric adjustable height and an impressive list of standard features including four pneumatic auto drops and air controlled thoracic breakaway. View the options below and click to build the ideal AFT for you in the Notebook section to the right.

AFT Automatic Flexion Deluxe Features

  • Sliding Axial Motion Headpiece (For facial comfort, slides with the motion of Lumbar Flexion) variable speed motorized flexion
  • Variable speed motorized flexion
  • Removable tiller bar at foot-end for lateral motion
  • Air-activated Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Pelvic drops
  • Tilting Headpiece (30° negative and positive tilt)
  • Air cushioned thoracic breakaway and thoracic release
  • Pelvic section has lateral flexion and can be locked at any angle up to 21°
  • Slide-out ankle support with ankle harnesses
  • Adjustable patient gripper bar
  • Two Power Foot Strips (Controls Drops)
  • Patient shut-off switch
  • Height electrically controlled with dual rocker foot pedals
  • Width 24" / Height range from 21 1/2" to 29" (22 1/2" to 30" upon request)
  • Table top length - 5'5" (extends to 6'2"), with cervical drop - 5'5" - 6'4"
  • Medium density foam (soft or firm on request)
  • Choice of 20 vinyl colors for the top
  • Beige, Grey or Black thermo-plastic base cover with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection
  • One-year warranty on all parts (Dealer on-site labor warranty may vary) 

Options (extra cost)

Please call for further information and pricing.

Headpiece Section (extra cost)

  • F14S Manual Cervical Drop Substitute
  • F15 Raised Headpiece
  • F21 CBP Headpiece
  • F22 Flexion Headpiece

Thoracic / Lumbar / Pelvic Section / Distraction (extra cost)

  • 86C Male Notch in Pelvic Drop
  • F28 Manual Air-Powered Distraction
  • 154 Scoliosis Correction Package

Foot and Hand Controls (extra cost)

  • F9 Extra Control Box
  • 92-SSF Extra Foot Pedal for Start/Stop of Flexion at Foot-end
  • 141 Timer, 30 minute
  • 93 Caster System for mobility
  • 92-AH Extra Foot Pedal for Air-control at the Head-end
  • 92-AF Extra Foot Pedal for Air-control at the Foot-end
  • 92-HH Extra Foot Pedal for Height-control at the Head-end
  • 92-HF Extra Foot Pedal for Height-control at the Foot-end
  • 92B Auto-Touch Foot Pedal
  • 92D Toggle Height Switch
  • 220 Volt International Power Supply

Width, Height and Upholstery (extra cost)

  • 97 27" width (not recommended for doctors under 6 feet tall or with limited reach)
  • 140 Finesse Tricot Material
  • 136 Hill Upholstery Cleaner / 4 Pack-22oz Bottles.
  • 137 Disinfectant Spray / 4 Pack-12oz Bottles.

Matching Exam Stools (extra cost)

  • 150 Gas-powered Stool
  • 151 Gas-powered Stool with back