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Fit great

The fabric is thick and they fit my face cradle like a glove! Great pricing for bulk buying.

Earthlite Fluffy Massage Table Bolster 8" x 26"
Mariette Janisse (Vancouver, CA)
Plush table bolster

I was looking for a larger bolster that had a softer feel but was still very supportive. My patients have commented on how much they liked this more than the pillow. At first, the feet looked a bit high but when I tried it personally I enjoyed the height of the feet and very comfortable under the knees in supine. Also the entire width of the table for your larger patients.

Love the product but miss the larger bottles!

Apricot Kernel Massage Oil
John Forsyth (Vancouver, CA)
One of my favorite oils

Added viscosity great to work with.

Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion
Patrick Renny (North Vancouver, CA)

good stuff

Hot & Cold Gel Pack 6" x 18" with Velcro Straps
Christopher Medwechuk (Brampton, CA)
Cold as ice!

These are as good or better than the original ones I purchased many years ago. They lasted 20+ years. Quality ice packs that my family uses all the time.

Biotone Clear Results Massage Oil
Mariette Janisse (Kula, US)
Great for massage oil

We use this oil regularly for all our patients. We also have many patients with nut allergies so this is a beautiful oil with great glide.

Tape Leukotape P
Liane Dorrius (Revelstoke, CA)

As always quick delivery and everything was complete as expected. Thank you Relaxus. Nice to be able to count on you!

Hagina Japanese Mint Oil 60 ml Bottle
Alex Fotheringham (Toronto, CA)

Excellent product and has several uses from mussel aches,skin rashes to nasal congestion.
I have been using Hagen Japanese mint oil 15 years. A.J.Fotheringham

Earthlite Disposable Flat Headrest Covers (100 Count)
Stefanie Rutigliano (Vancouver, CA)
Disposable face covers

Worked great for chair massage!

Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Creme
cheri moore (Victoria, CA)

I’ve been using Dual purpose Biotone cream for over 20 years. It allows me excellent purchase on the skin and my patients love that it isn’t “greasy”!

Great table !

Nice quality. Very padded and comfortable. Great service as well ! Highly recommended

Biotone Clear Results Massage Oil
Bradley Greenwood (Surrey, CA)

Biotone Clear Results Massage Oil

Great product

Non-greasy, extremely mild and pleasant scent, able to apply fascial techniques even after application.

Received purchase with no delay.

Biotone Truly Coconut Massage Oil
Julie Blais (Courtenay, CA)

Good product. Meet my expectations.

So far so good. I have it for a month now. Description was accurate. I'm happy with the table and layers of cushion, very comfy! Very good build and quality material. Very sturdy, I feel confident to have heavy client on it. No squeaking noise either! Satisfied overall.

Clients love it. It's a little extra that goes a long way for client comfort and relaxation. Also good for practitionners to have a little cooler room and client still being comfy and warm. I love that have lots of options to adjust the warmth (1 to 8). It fit very well my table. I don't have it for a long time, so I didn't wash it yet but it is very fluffy and comfortable, adding padding to the table. Give warmth evenlly to the table. Overall satisfied, meet my needs and expectations.

hemp bomb review

popular item, well received

thank you

Lash-able Magnetic Eyelashes
Liz Morrison (Vancouver, CA)
Magnetic Eyelashes

I used these for a 1960's party and they were fantastic! I have never felt confident using false lashes but these were so easy to apply, no mess, stayed on and looked incredible!
Highly recommend and also you can re-use over and over.

Relax and unwind I ABSOLUTELY LOVE

Love Relax and unwind. Really good spray. Helps me sleep too.

Chiropractic Headrest Paper Rolls
Samantha Bauer (Kenora, CA)

Chiropractic Headrest Paper Rolls

Motion Medicine 500g Jar (excludes pump)
Brenda macfarlane (Nanaimo, CA)
Amazing cream

Is just fantastic, the best cream ever

Holly Massage Oil
Rebecca Baskovic

Holly Massage Oil

IQ Thera Tens / EMS Muscle Stimulator
Troy Wielgosz (Kelowna, CA)
Tens Machine

Good value for the cost