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Earthlite Wooden Massage Tool Kit

$ 42.00 CAD
SKU 205529

This Wooden Massage Tool Kit is perfect for people who want to use quality personal massage products.


  • Energize circulation
  • Trigger point pressure release and reflexology
  • Enhance the recovery process after an intense training/workout
  • Release deep tissue tension areas without straining your fingers
  • Aid in relief from fatigued and tense muscles

Product Features

  • Wood Massage Bar: Wood bar with sloping, rounded handles. Used to relieve tension in large muscle areas. Hold the massage bar firmly and rollover the desired area with short back and forth strokes. Use standing or seated. For best results: muscles must be relaxed at the time of massage. Avoid direct pressure against the spine and other bones.
  • Wood Massage Ball: For plantar fascitis and fascia release. Perfect for targeting hard-to-reach areas like back, neck, shoulders, and feet for myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Simply lean against the ball on the floor or against a wall, letting your body weight provide a deep tissue massage.
  • Wood Massage Knobble: For trigger point therapy. Hold the wide base of the knobble in the palm of your hand, and use the smoothly rounded tip to apply pressure to trigger points in soft tissue. Avoid direct pressure against the spine and other bones.

Product Care

Wash each tool after use with mild soap and water, and dry thoroughly.