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PerfectSense Paraffin Nourishment for Hands 36 pairs

$ 349.00 CAD

All Aroma sense are blended with 100% Essential Oils

PerfectSense Paraffin Nourishment blend for hands provides the nutrients vital to healthy skin and is ideal for renewal and maintenance. With 11 vitamins including A, C, D, E, B-5 and B-12.

Containing 100% paraffin complex with age-revising properties. A luxurious single-use, hydrating treatment - high-grade physiotherapy paraffin and medical-grade gloves.

Package Includes

  • 36 pair of paraffin gloves
  • 36 mineral sachets (Step 1)
  • 36 activators (Step 2)

Aroma blends Available

NEUTRAL Contents: Purified water, sodium chloride salt, kathon CG (common preservative), fragrance.

LAVENDER Contents: Purified water, sodium chloride salt, kathon CG (common preservative), citric acid, fragrance.

INVIGORATE Contents: Purified water, sodium chloride salt, kathon CG (common preservative), citric acid, fragrance.

Instructions for Sachets

  1. Make sure Heater Packet is inside its plastic pouch and securely located in its slot in the Heating Chamber
  2. Carefully cut or tear open AromaVapor packet at notches to avoid spilling
  3. Pour entire contents into Heater Packet Pouch. Close immediately with closure tabs on Heating Chamber. AromaVapor will begin within minutes of activation

Instructions for Activation

  1. Place the PerfectSense Paraffin Heating Chamber on a level surface. Using your thumb and forefinger, open tabs on the front edge of Heating Chamber
  2. With perfectTemp Heater Pouch arrows facing upward, insert into the center window of Heating Chamber. Slide until Heater Pouch reaches the bottom of the window
  3. Using the built-in cuffs along the top edge of PerfectSense glove/slipper, hang from two of the four hang tabs. Repeat process to hang the second glove on the remaining hang tabs. Tuck length of gloves/slippers into well of center Heating Chamber so paraffin can properly drip down and settle
  4. Carefully tear and pour entire AromaVapor Solution into Heater Pouch, making sure to evenly distribute AromaVapor within Heater Pouch. This will ensure even melting. Securely close Heater Chamber, with the top edge of Heater Pouch visible. Soothing AromaVapor will begin to rise out of Heating Pouch, lasting about 8 minutes. When the AromaVapor starts to subside, your paraffin is ready! Paraffin will be fully melted within 6-8 minutes.


  • Pouch and vapor get very hot! After activation, do not touch until pouch cools
  • Dispose of used heater pouch in the trash container
  • AromaVapor can be flammable
  • Do not use near open flame
  • Not suitable for human or animal consumption
  • Contains non-toxic iron & magnesium
  • For adult use only. Keep away from children