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PerfectSense Paraffin Chamber Hammered Copper

by Relaxus
$ 299.00 CAD

Paraffin Chamber. Using no electricity, the Heating Chamber heats the single-use, disposable PerfectSense Paraffin treatments in just 6-8 minutes using a natural mineral reaction activated by salt water. Paraffin melts directly into the sealed gloves or slippers at the perfect temperature. Molded with solid aluminum construction and powder-coated for beauty and durability.

This lightweight, elegant, aluminum chamber houses and prepares the paraffin mitts or booties prior to the client application. Features a whisper quiet magnetic closure and solid aluminum construction.

Specifications & Features

The PerfectSense Paraffin system heats each individual pair of gloves or slippers using natural mineral technology, leaving skin beautiful and hydrated.


  • 1 Heating Chamber
  • 1 Paraffin Treatment for Hands or Feet
  • 1 AromaVapor Solution, in your choice of fragrance
  • 1 Heater Pouch
  • Training Kit Manual (PDF)
  • Steps

    1. Place the PerfectSense Heating Chamber on a level surface. Using your thumb and forefinger, open tabs on the front edge of Heating Chamber.
    2. With Heater Pouch arrows facing upward, insert Heater Pouch into the center window of Heating Chamber. Slide until Heater Pouch reaches the bottom of the window.
    3. Using the built-in cuffs along the top edge of PerfectSense glove/slipper, hang glove/slipper from the hang tabs. Repeat on the other side. Tuck length of glove/slipper into well of center Heating Chamber so paraffin can properly drip down and settle.
    4. Carefully tear and pour entire AromaVapor Solution into Heater Pouch, making sure to evenly distribute solution within Heater Pouch. This will ensure even melting. Securely close Heating Chamber, with the top edge of Heater Pouch visible. Soothing AromaVapor will begin to rise out of Heating Chamber, lasting about 8 minutes. When you start to see the AromaVapor subside, your paraffin is ready Paraffin will be fully melted within 6-8 minutes.
    5. Remove paraffin gloves/slippers from Heating Chamber. Place on flat surface and gently pat to evenly distribute paraffin throughout glove/slipper.
    6. Elevating cuff end of glove/slipper, insert clients hand or foot by slowly guiding through sanitation seal and into paraffin.
    7. For hands, cup one hand under clients wrist and with other hand, press from fingertips to wrist to immerse and flood warm paraffin over hand. For feet, cup one hand behind clients ankle and press over a foot from toes to ankle to flood paraffin over the entire foot.
    8. After a few minutes, you can massage into fingers and/or around hand or foot for reheat of paraffin. After massaging, always press paraffin firmly around hand or foot to create a tight mask for easiest removal. For best results, ask the client to keep hands/feet steady.
    9. Once paraffin has cooled, remove Extender (if used). Press in around wrist or ankle to release paraffin. Pull off from fingertips or toes. Ask the client to wiggle fingers or toes slightly and paraffin glove/slipper will slide right off to reveal wonderfully hydrated hands or feet!
    10. Dispose of single-use, sanitary PerfectSense Paraffin treatments.