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Cuticles and Nail Pushers

$ 12.00 CAD

Cuticles and Nail Pushers are designed so it may safely remove dead skin from the nail bed without causing damage or scratch to the nail. Another feature is the non-slip grooved texture on the handle which allows a comfortable grip while the tool is in use.

The trusted source for the world's finest beauty instruments. Most outstanding precision-crafted with stainless steel, MBI instruments are made by Solingen finest, hot forged special surgical grade stainless steel.

  • Cuticle Pusher with Small/Medium Scoop The medium scoop allows you to remove bulk skin while the smaller scoop is great for reaching right corners and get a detailed cleaning.
  • Cuticle Pusher with Ingrown Lifter This pusher is the ingrown nail lifter which is great to safely lift ingrown nails and reach into tight spots.
  • Cuticle Pusher with Knife The blade end is great for removing any remaining skin, cleaning the nail, and/or removing leftover glue from acrylic nails.
  • Cuticle Pusher With Extractor The small scoop end is great for detail cleaning on the nails, shaping of the cuticle, and also for cleaning under the nails.
  • Pusher Flat with Arrow Point Tip The pointed end is designed to clean under the nails and also push down the cuticles at the corner of the nails.