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KN95 Non-Medical Face Mask - Graphene Free (3/Box)

by Relaxus
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$ 19.00 CAD
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The KN95 Non-Medical Face Mask is Graphene Free with five layers of defence has a nose bridge that provides a more contoured fit. Made by raw materials: Non-woven, melt blown, and cotton fabric.

Features & Specification

  • Graphene  Free 
  • Nose bridge provides a more contoured fit
  • 5-layer protection with ear loops.
  • Ideal comfort for extended wear (single use)
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Non-medical use.
  • Main raw materials: Non-woven, melt blown, and cotton fabric.


  1. First, wash or sanitize your hands. Ensure there is no damage to the mask and the components are intact.
  2. Open the mask with the nose bridge at the top and pull the ear loops with both of your hands.
  3. Hold the mask against your chin to completely cover your nose and mouth.
  4. Pull the elasticized ear loops behind your ears and adjust them until comfortable.
  5. Using both hands, press the nose clip against your nose with your hand to contour it as close to your face as possible.
  6. Avoid touching the mask once it is in place.
  7. Remove the mask with clean hands. Use both hands, and with one finger near each ear, remove the ear loops, then pull away from your face.
  8. After proper disposal of the mask, wash/sanitize your hands.