Aroma Sparkle Night Light Diffuser (Blue and Red)

by Relaxus
SKU 517105
UPC 628949071051

Crackle Glass

Aroma Glitter Electric Diffuser. A warm ambient glow and subtle soothing scents maintain the perfect evening atmosphere.

Product Features

  • A night light and diffuser in one
  • Can also be used as a wax warmer
  • 15W Bulb included.
  • Height: 4.5"

How to use:

  1. Fill the ceramic dish with water.
  2. Add 3 - 4 drops of pure essential oil to the water.
  3. Plug diffuser into an electrical outlet.
  4. Turn light switch on.
  5. When finished, turn switch off and allow the unit to cool for several minutes before touching or unplugging it.

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